Home-Based Private School Kindergarten TK 



Special Touch Learning & Training Academy #1 is a state licensed daycare facility and small home-based private school. Our independently owned and operated family business provides the essential fundamentals expressed through an environment that is academically and socially stimulating for young children. We at Special Touch Learning & Training Academy believe that "children are capable of so much more if only exposed to and given opportunity to soar."

Our Mission Statement


Our mission and purpose is dedicated to each child, to develop winners by building a spiritual conscience, integrity, good self-esteem, and confidence. We teach our children to believe that anything is possible if only they try. Also, developing high achievers and giving them a great foundation that will help them make better future decisions.

Our Philosophy


The Care Providers and Teachers at Special Touch Learning Academy are aware that the purpose of early education is to foster competence in young children. We believe in providing a safe, rich, and valuable environment that meets the needs of each child can enhance their emotional, social, cognitive, and creative self. Therefore, providing an early "jump start" is key. Children are more likely to succeed when education becomes second nature.



Our Goal is to provide "early jump start" education along with a higher level of learning through an enriched academic program, while training and guiding parents on how to navigate through school as an advocate for their little student."